What it means to us

“We call it Being Good. Spend a lifetime Doing Good because the next generation is watching.”

A community built on helping others,
the Good Sam way.

Individuals across this country put their plans on hold every day to help others in need, to do the right thing. Not for a paycheck or a pat on the back, but because it's a part of their character to do good.

We believe in neighbors helping neighbors, and not just the ones next door. A community of those who understand the value of paying it forward, no matter who's watching.

Across the street or across the country, these are the folks who lend a helping hand when it's needed most. And we think their stories deserve to be told.

Be Good. Do Good.

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What Giving Means To Us

“Quote from Tiff and Caleb.” — Tiffany & Caleb Remington